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I.  Qualifications for Foreign Experts

1.At least Master’s degree.

2.Major in English\Education\ law\ biology\ navigation, etc.

3.At least 5 years teaching experience in universities or colleges.

4.Good personality.

5.Can respect and observe Chinese laws.


1An average of 12 hours’ classroom teaching per week.

21 hour English corner: per week, 1 hour English consultation per week.


1.Salary: 8000-8500RMB per month.

2.Domestic travel allowance: 2200 RMB per year.

3.International travel allowance8000RMB per year.

4.Free accommodation

5.Paid winter break ( one month)

Contract period:


Qualifications for ORAL ENGLISH TEACHERS:

1.At least bachelor's degree

2.English or Education major is preferred.

3.At least 3 years teaching experience in universities or colleges.

4.At least 21 years old.

5.Good personality.

6.Can respect and observe Chinese laws.


1.An average of 14 hours’ classroom teaching per week.

2.1 hour English Corner for students and 1 hour English Salon for teachers per week.


1.Salary: 7000-7500 RMB per month.

2.2200 RMB for domestic travel allowance per year.

3.8000 RMB for international travel allowance per year.

4.Free accommodation.

5.Paid winter break ( one month).

Contract Period:

September 1,2017-July 31,2018


For more information, please contact: Huangmin at

Tel: 0592-6182387. Fax: 0592-6180247

For information about the University, please check the website:



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